Amber Gold Scented Diffuser

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Coppertop's newest autumnal scent, Amber Gold is a warming blend of Amber, Pumpkin Seed and Bergamot. A gentle and long lasting scent, perfect for Winter evening's. Bergamot's distinctive citrusy scent, combined with the woody notes of Amber and subtle sweetness of pumpkin seed make this scent a warming autumnal hug.

Product Details:

Made with a 100% natural oil base and a blend of high quality fragrance oils, you can expect 4+ months of consistant, noticable room fragrance.  Eco Refills also available.

Diffuser Care:

  • To get the best out of your diffuser, unscrew the Coppertop and remove the seal. Replace the top and place the rattan reeds into the bottle allowing the essential oils to be drawn up and fragrance your room.
  • Turn the reeds 2-3 times on your first day, and turn them at least once a week to keep enjoying regular scent. Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to fill the room with scent. 
  • Please be careful when turning the reeds to keep the oil off of any walls or porous surfaces, keep out of direct sunlight and wash hands after handling.